Miss Judged Music Video - Bani J takes on her Trollers

Miss Judged is a quirky video from the `Trolled` music series, by popular actor and VJ Bani J, against trollers who have body shammed her for muscular `Mardani` look and misjudged her passion for fitness. As the trollers started piling up on Bani`s wall, she decided to shut these haters and slam the cowardly trolls with a unique rap song and show who is the big boss. Gurbani Judge aka Bani`s sorry, not so sorry attitude will not only crush the haters out there but will inspire all those who have been Trolled to stand up against bullying. Do not let the trolls pull you down, be in love with the shape of you!

Director: Avinash Jai Singh
Music: When Chai Met Toast

Lyricist: Ayesha Nair
The original single is composed by When Chai met Toast and is Bani J`s singing debut.