Making of 'Subedar Joginder Singh'

This biopic wasn`t a cake walk for its makers. Seven Color Motion Pictures has kicked up a storm at the height of 11000 feet with more than 500 crew members who have faced a war within a war. The strong determined efforts have made it possible to create an epic and separates it from just a film.
Formidable winds, painful injuries, trekking across rough terrains, freezing temperature of -10 degree Celsius at the height of 11000 feet in Dras, J&K. This was not just enough. After getting freezes at this temperature, the crew have faced the melting temperature of 50 degree Celsius in the land of Suratgarh, Rajasthan.
The biopic is about the real story of 1962 Indo-China war hero Subedar Joginder Singh, PVC, where he commanded 21 Sikh Soldier and they fought against 1000s of Chinese.