'Blue World' Trailer

Directors: Che Baker, Dallas Bland
Cast: Billy Zane, Bruce Spence, Jack Thompson, Stephen Hunter, Jake Ryan, Kendra Appleton, Angelina Leljak, Barbara Hastings, Brendan Kelly, Emily De Margheriti, Andy Trieu, Tim Stiles, Dallas Bland, Billie Rutherford, Patrick J. Gallagher
Storyline: After a nuclear war decimated the Northern Hemisphere, the surviving population was infected with a deadly bacterium. In an attempt to rebuild civilization, a self-appointed government called The Order distributed an immunization to the bacteria, which inadvertently killed all the children. Only one man, Jake Slater, remained immune. The only child that survived is his daughter, Molly. Now, Jake scavenges the wasteland searching for a way to keep her alive, unaware that she is the key to the survival of humankind.